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Brendyn Morgan Willette

Our pride and joy first child, was conceived in Aug. 1996. He was due to arrive into this world on May 16, 1997, but he was LATE!!! He was Born May 22,1997!! We never thought we could ever be blessed with children so hopefully you'll understand our extreme pride and joy. We will be keeping his page updated as often as possible for anyone who's interested in his growth in and out of the womb. We thank everybody who have helped us in his and his mothers progress in these precious moments of our lives. Thanks, you know who you are! Sincerely, Lance and Marci Willette

This is *Baby Brendyn's Page*. I'M HERE !!!!!! I was born on May 22, 1997 at 5:49pm I weighed 8lbs 3oz I have brown eyes and brown hair.
This is me in my walker...
What was that again?????

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